a bad new for huawei phone holder

After more than a year, the Commerce Department has stopped issuing temporary licenses to Huawei that provide customer support – and that’s not good news if you get a call from the company. The Washington Post has confirmed that the exceptions ended quietly on August 13, making it illegal for Google and other software developers to send updates to Huawei (and of course Hu to Huawei users). If you have a P30 Pro or any other Huawei phone with full Google services, you probably won’t have to go through Android 11 or any other update.

A Google spokesman told the Post that the temporary license was the key to providing Android updates from official sources. Phones without Google services, such as the P40 Pro and many sold in China, should still receive updates, as Huawei itself can use the open source version of Android to provide updates.

The license was originally intended to assist rural carriers in developing Chinese networking equipment over surveillance concerns. They can theoretically change the hardware slowly. However, it also gave a short lease on life by making Huawei’s consumer devices safer and more current. Now, you have no easy way to keep them updated. If you are worried about the latest software, you may have no choice but to change your phone.

This period comes in a dark moment for Huawei. Strict U.S. trade sanctions have left Huawei to make at least Karen chips in September, at least until alternative suppliers are available. Not only can it support many of its existing phones, but it will also have limited capacity to develop new flagships. Although the company is not in deep financial trouble at this stage, its future is complex.

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