Facebook Merging of Messenger Chats, WhatsApp and Instagram

Facebook Merging of Messenger Chats, WhatsApp and Instagram

Facebook’s long-term plans to integrate Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp chat platforms appeared to be in full swing over the weekend when Instagram users in the United States were told about a new way of messaging on the photo-sharing social network. I was notified who integrated the app. Chat feature with Facebook Messenger.

As a result of the integration of chat services, this change means that Instagram users will be able to chat with Facebook users and vice versa. After the update is applied, some features that were previously only available on Facebook Messenger can be found on Instagram, including color chats, more emoji responses, and swipe-to-reply.
In addition, the regular paper airplane DM icon in the upper right corner of the Instagram UI has been replaced by the Facebook Messenger logo, and the Messenger features described above.

However, as The Verge notes, it is still not possible to message Facebook users via Instagram, but the alliance is clearly the plan, as Facebook made clear in January 2019.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reportedly wants all apps to include end-to-end encryption, as WhatsApp does now. When the alliance is complete, the services will continue to serve as their standalone applications, but the company’s work will enable them to collaborate with each other.

Ultimately, by sewing the app’s infrastructure together, Zuckerberg seeks to engage its billions of users within the Facebook ecosystem in an effort to curb rival texting apps such as Apple’s iMessage.

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