How book appointments for a police clearance certificate?

To submit the letter of approval you received from the country’s embassy to the police station for the issuance of the police clearance certificate, you must book an appointment with Absher.

Appointment for the police clearance certificate

Log in to your Absher account and then click on the “Appointments” tab.

Click on the “Public Security” option.

The new page takes you to the screen to make an appointment for the “Forensic Evidence Appointment Service”. Just go to service.

On the next screen, you need to do the following two things to book an appointment for the Police Clearance Certificate.
• Services: “Criminal record”.
• Region: choose the region of your home.

Now select the city you want to visit. There is only one police station designated to receive the approval letter issued by your country’s embassy in each city.

How book appointment for police clearance certificate? – Life in Saudi Arabia

Now select the time of the appointment from the available slots to submit documents for the police clearance certificate.

The next page contains the address of the police station where you must submit the documents, together with the requirements.

Requirements for the Police Clearance Certificate

  • Original Iqama with a copy of all applicants.
  • Original passport plus copy of all applicants.
  • Letter of approval issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The last page contains a barcode and confirmation for the appointment. Take a copy of the appointment page or save it on your cell phone as it is needed during the police station.

Change/cancel the appointment

If your program to visit the police station changed at the time of appointment, you must have one of two;

• Cancel the appointment.
• Change the appointment.

To cancel or change the appointment for the police clearance certificate, you must log in to your Absher account and;
• Click on “Appointments”.
• Select “Public safety”.
• Click on “Continue to service”.
• Click “Cancel” or “Update” the appointment.

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