How to check Fahas validity online in KSA

After passing the MVPI test, you can check the Fahas validity online in Saudi Arabia through the Absher account.

  • How to pass Fahas or MVPI test?
  • MVPI = Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection.

What is the validity of Fahas?

It is important to note that the validity of the Fahas or MVPI certificate is one Hijri year, i.e. approximately 355 days. This means that if you passed the test on 20 Jan 2XX1, the certificate will remain valid until 10 Jan 2XX2.

Check Fahas validity online

To check Fahas validity online in KSA with Absher;

  • Log in to your Absher account
  • Click on the “Services” button under “Vehicles”.
  • Select “Vehicle Driving”.
  • Select the vehicle and scroll down until you check the Fahas expiration date.
  • The inspection date on this screen shows the Fahas validity date.
How to check Fahas validity online in KSA

Fahas for the brand new cars

According to Article 26 of traffic rules, the Fahas are required of brand new cars after 3 years of registration.

So if you try to check the Fahas validity of a new car online in KSA, the Absher account will show the empty space before the Inspection Date.

How to check Fahas validity online in KSA

Check Fahas validity on paper

If you can not check the Fahas validity online, you can also get it on the Fahas certificate. It was written just below the heading.

How to check Fahas validity online in KSA

Why do we need a valid Fahas

A valid Fahas or MVPI is required for the following purposes;

  1. Hernu Istimara
  2. Transfer car ownership
  3. To avoid SR 150 fine.

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