How to register vaccines in Tawakkalna from abroad

Register the vaccine abroad in Tawakkalna

All Iqama holders can register the vaccinations they have taken abroad in the Tawakkalna application by uploading a vaccination certificate. To be able to do this:

  • Open
  • Scroll down and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Application type: Saudi resident

On the next page;

  • Iqama ID: Iqama number.
  • Iqama Expiration Date: Enter Absher’s Iqama Expiration Date.

The system will upload all your details while you are requested

  • Email address and;
  • Telephone number.

The system will send a verification code via SMS and email.

How to register vaccines in Tawakkalna from abroad

You must now complete the form;

  • Vaccination type: enter the number of doses you have taken.
  • Administered country: select the country.
  • First dose taken: choose the date accurately.
  • Second dose taken: choose the date accurately


  • Upload passport copy.
  • First dose certificate.
  • Final dose certificate with Saudi Embassy attestation.

Invalid doses

If the minimum recommended duration is not maintained, the system will give the following error when entering the dosing dates.
• “Invalid doses”.

Invalid Dosage Dates If the MOH accepts the documents, they will update the vaccination status of the Iqama container in the Tawakkalna application, and residents from abroad will be allowed to enter Saudi Arabia without undergoing the Institutional Quarantine.

However, if they come from one of the 13 banned countries, they still have to spend 14 days in another country before entering Saudi Arabia.

Register Coronavirus Repair in Tawakkalna

If you have recovered from the COVID-19 outside Saudi Arabia in the previous six months, you can still request the MOH to update it in your Tawakkalna account. This way you do not have to go through the institutional quarantine after arriving in Saudi Arabia.
• Email from MOH: [email protected]

Required documents

All required documents must be submitted in PDF format;

  1. Passport copy.
  2. Vaccination Certification.
  3. Iqama copy.
  4. Mobile number.

register corona recovery in Tawakkalna from abroad

Terms and conditions

After the successful registration of your coronavirus vaccine taken abroad in Tawakkalna, you must do Muqeem vaccine registration before entering Saudi Arabia.

  • The information provided in the vaccine registration form will be verified when the boarding pass is issued and in the ports of access to Saudi Arabia.
  • Failure to comply with these requirements could result in deportation from Saudi Arabia.
  • It is necessary to have an approved paper certificate to prove the vaccination, which has been certified by the official health authorities in the countries of arriving travelers.

Successful case:

14-7-2021 verified, Tawakalna updated with KSA vaccine outside.

Timeline for case study

  • May 18 – 1st dose
  • 25 June – 2nd dose
  • (Total gap 37 days)

Uploaded certificates without attestation – No reply and no update on Tawakalna.

July 10 – Witness and uploaded to E-services. (the 15-day gap between second dose and date uploaded)

July 12 – Status changes to immune in Tawakalna.

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