How to register with the Qiwa platform in Saudi Arabia

The HRD ministry has launched the Qiwa platform for ex-pats working in Saudi Arabia. Every ex-pat working in Saudi Arabia must register his account with the Qiwa platform to take advantage of 85 different services.

Qiwa Platform

The Qiwa platform was introduced by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (HRSD) to combine all the employment services under one electronic roof.

The employment contracts for foreign employees in the private sector can now be obtained and updated via its Qiwa platform. After that, The launch of the new online service is a complement to the existing 85 services already provided by Qiwa.

Register with Qiwa Platform

The only requirement to register with the Qiwa platform is to have an active Absher account. Here’s how to register;

Open the website
• Enter your Iqama number.
• Choose your date of birth.
• Enter the verification code that Absher sent to your phone.
• Join the Qiwa platform by adding your email address and creating a password.

How to register with the Qiwa platform

After That On the Next Page;

Enter the mobile number you want to register with the Qiwa platform.
• Click the “Submit” button.
• Enter the confirmation code received on your phone.
• After that, you have successfully registered with the Qiwa.
• The system loads your data and gives access to the platform.

How to register with the Qiwa platform

Be sure to check your email received from the Qiwa platform and verify your email account using the available services.

List of Services Available at Qiwa Platform

The following is a list of services available on the Qiwa platform, which you can use after registering your account:
Employee transfer service.
Change Iqama profession.
• Contract management service.

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