IUPAC Nomenclature of Alkanes

In 1889 international chemical congress start the process of naming the organic compounds after failing common name.commen name is not beneficial for identifucation of organic compounds and not applicable on complex compounds. IUPAC name is derived from International Union Pure and Applied Chemistry. It have six basic steps that are given below by following these steps naming the organic compounds

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Step-1. Select the longest chain and name as its parent alkane

Step-2. Number the carbon atom in such way substitution gets smallest possible number

Step-3. Position of substitution is indicated by carbon number to which it is attached and write substituent Alphabetically

Step-4. Same substitution with same carbon,write the number of carbon twice

Step-5. If same substituent is present more than one in number write prefixes,di tri tetra

Step-6. If both chain have equal length then select that have maximum substituent

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