What is actually mean “Ma Salama”

Why do people say it all the time?

Everyone who has ever been to Saudi Arabia has surely heard the Arabic word “Ma Salama”, tried to know its meaning in English, and also to find out the spelling in Arabic. The spelling of the word “Ma Salama” in the Arabic language is مع السلامة.

What does Ma Salama mean?

The phrase Ma Salama is probably the second most used Arabic phrase, the first being Asslam O Alaikum. Expatriates and Saudis keep ‘Ma Salama’ all the time.

The meaning of the Arabic word “Ma Salama” in the English language is “goodbye”.

People in the kingdom use the Arabic phrase “Ma Salama” when they have to go to work, go on holiday, or even to the grocery store.

Ma Salama Parties

In the kingdom, every weekend there is a Ma Salama party or a farewell party, which is usually hosted before someone is sent to another destination.

There are also numerous Ma Salama sales that usually take place with the change of seasons. I hope you now understand the essence of this phrase.

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